A student working on a set of practice teethThe University of Maryland School of Dentistry strives to teach students how to use both existing techniques as well as cutting-edge technology that will serve them well into the future.

The Dental School is a widely-recognized leader in teaching computer-aided technologies for the design, analysis and production of dental restorations. The dental CAD/CAM system (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) designs, analyzes and mills tooth crowns. The entire procedure, from tooth preparation to delivery, can be accomplished in an hour.

The Dental School is also the only dental school in the U.S. that exclusively uses digital radiography in its preclinical simulation programs. This allows students to seamlessly transition to working with live patients, since dental clinics also utilize digital radiography.

The facility features digital dental units, electric hand pieces, digital radiography, intra-oral cameras, rotary endodontics, implant simulation, virtual dental school environments, CAD/CAM, digital milling, electronic patient records and remote learning capabilities.

As advanced equipment on the market is demonstrated to be useful, it makes the transition to a pre-clinical simulated learning environment and then ultimately to the School of Dentistry’s clinics where patients benefit from having access to the most advanced technology available.