Oral Medicine Consultants

Oral Medicine Consultants represents the consulting service of Dr. Timothy Meiller, Director, Dr. Ahmed S. Sultan, Co-Director, and Mrs. Dianna Weikel, Faculty Coordinator. The clinical services operate within the School of Dentistry and in the Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Maryland Medical Center. We serve referrals from private physicians, dentists and oral surgeons. The purpose of the consultation service is to evaluate pathologies other than caries and periodontal disease and to appropriately manage these cases throughout their care. We have a strong relationship with the oral and maxillofacial pathology (OMFP) program for evaluation of biopsies and the oral maxillofacial surgical (OMFS) program for referral of cases requiring additional surgery.

Timothy Meiller DDS, PhD, Ahmed S. Sultan BDS, PhD, and Mrs. Dianna Weikel RDH, MS are the attending faculty clinicians in the clinic and oversee all aspects of the operation of the program.

We are accepting patients by outside referrals from physicians, private general dental practitioners and specialist’s only.  Appointments are made after review of referral documents through the Oral Medicine Consultants office. It is imperative to include previous biopsy reports and previous blood work with the referral documents (if available). Referrals may be faxed to 410-706-6115 or 410-706-0519  or email the referral documents to  oralmedicine@umaryland.edu.    

Fees and Insurance

Appropriate fees for evaluation, microbial culture, biopsy and treatment are submitted to the patient's medical insurance. Fees for follow-up visits are also submitted to the patient’s medical insurance.  The practice participates with standard Medicare and Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield/Care First. Out of network fees will be billed for the patient but co-pays and uncovered charges will be billed directly to the patient..  We do not participate in any managed care or HMO Plans.   

Note: Oral Medicine Consultants is accepting new patients that follow the required referral guidelines described above. Self-referral messages left though voicemails, emails or faxes will not receive a response.