Admission with Advanced Standing Policy

Mdental Fall 2016 Homepage

‌Students currently enrolled in dental schools within the United States, as well as graduates of non-United States/non-Canadian dental schools, may apply for admission with advanced standing. It should be noted, however, that such admissions occur infrequently because of limited space availability or incompatibility of curriculum at different schools. Students admitted with advanced standing may be exempted from certain courses, based on a skills assessment by faculty.

 Policy for Admission with Advanced Standing 

The University of Maryland, School of Dentistry’s policy states that it may be possible for exceptionally talented graduates of a non-United States/ non-Canadian dental school to gain admission to the University of Maryland’s Doctor of Dental Surgery program with advanced standing. Candidates should be aware that the application process is complex since it is challenging to assess a candidate’s performance in different curricula at other institutions. Furthermore, all admissions considerations are contingent on space availability within the program.  That is to say, there must be a vacant spot in the class to which an applicant is projected to be assigned.


This policy specifically addresses admissions requirements for two categories of candidates for admission with advanced standing: