Transfer Students

In order to be eligible for consideration for transfer, applicants must be currently enrolled in a US. Or Canadian dental school and be in good academic and professional standing. First consideration will be given to applicants whose personal circumstances compel them to transfer. Only those students wishing to transfer after the first year of dental school will be considered.


To request an application, please complete the online FORM. Requests for an application must be submitted no later than January 1st of the year of desired matriculation. Applications will be assessed pending projected space availability for the upcoming academic year. The completed application should be returned to the Office of Admissions along with the following:

  • A detailed letter describing the compelling reason for the transfer request
  • A $355 application fee (payable to the University of Maryland)
  • A letter from the Dean of the current dental school, verifying that the student is currently enrolled and is in good academic and professional standing
  • Official undergraduate transcript
  • Official DAT score report
  • Official dental school transcript
  • National Boards Part I score report
  • Syllabi for dental courses already taken


Preliminary Review/ Review by Departments


After required materials have been submitted and, if space is available, faculty members and the Selection Subcommittee will review the documents and determine if a personal interview is warranted. Only candidates being seriously considered will be asked to interview.


If the candidate is recommended by the Committee on Dental Recruitment and Admissions, the candidate’s course syllabi will be forwarded to the Dental School Department Chairs (or their designees) who will review them and, if necessary, communicate directly with candidates for further clarification. The Department chairs/designees then provide the Office of Academic Affairs with their recommendations regarding placement within the curriculum.


Admissions and Placement Decisions


The Admissions Selection Subcommittee makes the final decision regarding admission.  The Progression Committee develops specific recommendations regarding placement or modification to the students’ curriculum or course requirements to accommodate individual strengths and weaknesses. The Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment notifies applicants of admission decisions and, if indicated, placement decisions. Space must be available within the projected class in order for an offer of admission to be extended.