Jury Duty
Jury Duty Summons Assistance for Current Students

If you receive a jury duty summons from any county within the State of Maryland, the Office of Academic Affairs can request that your participation be postponed or excused, depending on the jurisdiction, as you are a full time student in a health care facility/education program.

After filling out the back of the summons, please bring your summons to our office (6th floor – Dean’s Suite) and we will be happy to assist you in this regard.

Enrollment Verification
Enrollment Verification/Verification of Education

Enrollment verification/verification of education requested by a third party must be done through the National Student Clearing House.  They can be reached by calling 703-742-4200 or visiting their website at  The UMB code is #002104.  Of note, please make sure you are entering University of Maryland-Baltimore as the campus, not University of Maryland Baltimore County or the University of Baltimore.

Current students and alumni may directly request verifications from the Office of Academic Affairs by sending an email to

Licensure Application
Application for Licensure or Degree Certification

Applications for Licensure that require the Dean's signature and School of Dentistry seal should be sent to the Office of Academic Affairs, Dean's Office, 6th Floor, #6423, 650 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore, MD 21201 or by sending the document(s) to

Official transcripts are only available through the campus Office of the Registrar at 410-706-7480 or by visiting their website at 

Replacement Certificates
Replacement Certificate/Diploma

If you require a replacement postgraduate certificate, a duplicate diploma or transcript, please contact the Office of the Registrar at

Class Registration
Class Registration

If you have any questions or concerns regarding registration, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs, 410-706-7483. Please direct any billing questions to the Student Financial Services at

Room Scheduling
Room Scheduling

To reserve a room within the School of Dentistry, please use our room reservation form at:

Class Schedules
Predoctoral Schedules

For questions regarding the dental class schedules, please contact the schedule coordinator, Mrs. Dana Jones at

locker assignments
Locker Assignments

For assistance with your locker number or combination, please come to the Office of Academic Affairs on the 6th floor with your student ID and we will provide you with that information. 

If you are having trouble opening your locker, you can call us at 410-706-7483.

VA Education Benefits

Students eligible to receive VA Education Benefits should contact the VA School Certifying Official:

William (Billy) Healy 

Office of Academic Affairs
6th Floor, Dean's Office
650 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
410-706-0406 (fax)