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Continuing dental education for dentists and dental hygienists is a core value of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD). This commitment to lifelong learning extends to the oral health professionals in Maryland and the neighboring states in the Mid-Atlantic region. The frequent advancements in science and technology result in a greater need for professional development.

For more information on our continuing education courses or to be added to our mailing list, please call 410-706-2282 or email the Office of Continuing Education at umsodce@umaryland.edu.


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Advanced Programs for Internationally-Trained Dentists 

Description: An educational experience that lasts one year and includes patient care observation. These programs are open to any dentist (U.S./International) with a dental degree; topics can be either general dentistry or dental specialties.

Completion of the Continuing Education Program is an educational goal in itself, and in no way insures acceptance to a Postgraduate Residency Program. Although many resources will be provided by the selected Department, this is a Continuing Education program and is not listed on the University of Maryland Registrar’s records.

 * Note to Internationally-Educated Dentists: These programs WILL NOT prepare dentists to become licensed to practice dentistry in Maryland. If you are interested in practicing dentistry in Maryland, you will need a dental degree from an ADA-accredited dental school in order to be eligible to take the Maryland Dental License examination.

Advanced Program for Internationally-Trained Dentists Withdrawal and Refund Policy

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry Continuing Education Program cannot be responsible for the refund of any part of the registration fee as a result of emergencies, unforeseen circumstances, or events beyond its control after the start of the program.

Once the program begins, participants have 30 days to withdrawal from the program, with a refund, minus a 15% administrative fee.  No refunds will be granted after 30 days.

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Online Course - Implicit Bias 

To support clinicians and members of the oral health team in advancing health equity and promoting population-level health, this course is designed to explore how bias influences health outcomes with specific focus on vulnerable and historically excluded populations. This course will immerse oral health professionals in an educational journey thatgoes beyond numbers and epidemiological data to introspection and reflection of personal biases and exploration of differences among the professional’s race, ethnicity, and cultural norms to those of patients serviced. At the end of the course, participants will be able to lead, contribute and participate in organizational practices and changes across the culture of dentistry in supporting population-level oral health outcomes and promoting oral health equity. Moreover, participants will leave the course with resources to support inclusion in their clinical practice. This course will discuss implicit bias, the effects of structural and systemic racism and strategies to address using effective communication techniques presented in modules within the curriculum.

This course fulfills CDE requirements for the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners.

Once you have registered and accessed the course, no refunds will be provided.

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Online Course - Proper Pharmacologic Prescribing and Disposal for Dental Practitioners 

In partnership with the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners, the University of Maryland School of Dentistry is offering the continuing education course "Proper Pharmacologic Prescribing and Disposal for the Dental Practitioner", online. This is a two (2) continuing education hour course.

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation by email, within 24 to 48 hours, with further instructions.

Once you have registered, and are sent a confirmation, there will be no refund.

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Implantology Continuum Course 

This two-year program is designed to impart to participants the knowledge; skill set and confidence needed to deliver one of the most highly sought services in dentistry today. Dental implants offer not just cosmetic appeal for patients but a more solid foundation for a longer-term investment in their oral health. Dental implants have become the gold standard when it comes to restoring partially and completely edentulous patients. The main purpose of this course is to help dentists and their patients benefit from everything that dental implants have to offer. By integrating comprehensive implant dentistry into their practices, participants can elevate their practices to a higher level.

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