Conflict of Interest Policies and Regulations

Questions concerning conflict of interest policies and procedures and their application may be directed to the Conflict of Interest officers.

USM Policy on Conflict of Interest in Research or Development

UMB Procedures Implementing Board of Regents Policy on Conflicts of Interest in Research or Development

US Public Health Service Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) regulation

NIH Financial Conflict of Interest compliance

Sponsors (PHS and non-Federal) following the PHS FCOI regulation

UMB Policy and Procedures on Financial Conflict of Interest to Promote Objectivity in Public Health Service-Funded Research

FDP resource on agencies using the PHS FCOI regulation

Related laws and policies

State of Maryland Public Ethics Law (complete)

State of Maryland Public Ethics Law (excerpts)

USM Policy on Professional Commitment of Faculty

UMB Policy on Professional Consulting and Other External Professional Activities

Policy on Identifying and Addressing Institutional Conflicts of Interest to Preserve Integrity of Research and Other Academic Activity