Requirements for Funding Request – Faculty Development

The faculty development program at the University of Maryland Dental School, has resources to support faculty development initiatives with demonstrable value to the school, in the form of improvements in teaching, administration, research, and clinical practice. Emphasis will be placed on requests that provide growth opportunities involving both faculty and students or improving service to our patient population.

Please provide a letter of support from your department chair with a statement demonstrating how the proposed project will impact the ecosystem of the department, which should include things like research, teaching, administrative capabilities, and the applicant’s professional development. Please be as specific as possible. The letter should also include a commitment of financial support of at least 20% of the total cost of the program’s tuition/travel/room & board.

The applicant should provide a description of the program, the syllabus, the total cost of the program (tuition/travel/room and board), a copy of their CV, and the specific amount requested from faculty development. The applicant should also provide specific details regarding how the program fits into your professional development to date, and how it moves you toward the next stage of your career as well as how it benefits the school in the areas of research, teaching/pedagogy, clinical innovation, or through your administrative skill development. Please also discuss the capacity of the activity to generate additional resources through subsequent external funding and/or to complete a major scholarly or creative project.

Following the course, the participant must submit a report with a focus on the value of the course with respect to their professional development as well as how it will benefit the school/students/other faculty, as well as a brief implementation plan for to apply the skills acquired during the educational activity.

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