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The Department of General Dentistry prepares students to excel as future clinicians. Through extensive training in treatment planning, professionalism, comprehensive care and practice management, The Department of General Dentistry provides both the techinical and soft skills for students to better serve their patients.

UMSOD's simulation labs provide students with the opportunity to train with faculty members in a safe, hands-on environment. Simulation courses have been designed to train students at early stages to consider, plan and treat patients utilizing the latest technologies and techniques. These courses help students develop expertise with components and procedures, and help shape them into the premier dental practitioners of the future.

Encompassing both the Advanced Education in General Dentistry and Operative Dentistry Divisions, the Department of General Dentistry offers top-notch experience and guidance for both residents looking to advance their career training and for undergraduates to treat malformed or missing portions of teeth caused by tooth decay (caries), trauma, discoloration or unusual development.


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