Tuition Program

Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market (ACM) is a program consisting of sixteen Southern states that participate in a higher education consortium. ACM affords students an opportunity to enroll in certain out-of-state bachelor’s and graduate degree programs that are not offered within the student’s home state’s public college or university, at reduced tuition rates. The following states are partners in the ACM consortium: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida (graduate programs only), Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina (graduate programs with restrictions) Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (graduate programs only), Virginia, and West Virginia. Therefore, if you have not earned a previous bachelor’s degree, reside in one of these states and a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene is not offered in your home state, and if you wish to come to the University of Maryland, Baltimore to obtain your Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene, you may want to explore your eligibility for a ACM tuition waiver with your home state’s higher education commission. The Delaware ACM, see link above, has been successfully utilized by eligible Degree Completion students residing in Delaware.

District of Columbia Tuition Assistance Grant Program

The DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DCTAG) is a grant that allows you to attend any public institution in the nation as if you're a resident of the school's state. You pay the low in-state tuition and the grant pays the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition up to $10,000 a year. With a maximum of 5 award years that can amount to a lifetime of $50,000, this grant makes affordable college tuition a reality. This program has been successfully utilized by eligible Degree Completion students residing in Washington, DC.