Admission with Advanced Standing for Internationally Trained Dentists

Student sitting in the hallway of the dental clinicThe University of Maryland School of Dentistry does not have a specific program designed for candidates seeking admission to the DDS program with advanced standing. However, it may be possible for exceptionally talented graduates of a non-US/non-Canadian dental school to gain admission to the University of Maryland’s Doctor of Dental Surgery program, with advanced standing.

Candidates should be aware that the application process is complex, given the nature of assessing candidates’ performance in different curricula at other institutions. Furthermore, all admissions considerations are contingent on space availability within the program.

Please review the provided information for this program in it's entirety and if you are interested in an Admissions Information packet please complete the form provided under Application Process.


In order to be eligible for admission with advanced standing as an internationally trained dentist, applicants must have successfully completed the DDS degree (or its equivalent). Additionally, candidates must have passed Parts I and II of the National Dental Board Examination. It is strongly recommended that internationally trained dentists visit the following website to obtain additional information regarding U.S. licensure for international dental graduates.

Foreign-Trained Dentist (Licensure Information in Dental Professionals)


To request an application, please complete the online FORM. Requests for an application must be submitted no later than January 1st of the year of desired matriculation. Applications will be sent out pending projected space availability for the upcoming academic year. The completed application should be returned to the Office of Admissions along with the following: 

  • A detailed letter describing the reason for seeking admission with advanced standing 
  • The $355 application review fee (payable to the University of Maryland) 
  • Official reports of National Board Part I and Part II scores 
  • Current TOEFL Score Report
  • Clear, legible photocopies of the dental degree (DDS equivalent), course transcripts, and grades or examination scores, with certified English translations 
  • A course-by-course evaluation of academic credentials, performed by ECE or WES
  • Three letters of recommendation from former faculty members or recent professional contacts


After required materials have been submitted and preliminarily reviewed, the Admissions Selection Subcommittee will make a determination regarding a personal interview. Candidates being seriously considered for admission will be interviewed by members of the Admissions Selection Subcommittee. After the interview, the Committee will make a determination whether the candidate will be invited to complete the comprehensive skills analysis, conducted by the departments. For candidates invited to continue with the application process, the fee for the skills assessment is $2,000, payable on or before the date of the first departmental assessment.


Following the interview, candidates advancing in the process will receive a list of School of Dentistry department chairs (or designees) who will meet with the candidates and conduct academic and preclinical skills assessments. The School of Dentistry reserves the right to modify or waive all or part of the skills assessment, based on the backgrounds of individual candidates. Candidates will be directed to contact designated faculty to make arrangements for departmental evaluations which will facilitate decisions related to proper placement within the curriculum. Department chairs/designees will then make recommendations regarding admission and, where appropriate, placement within the curriculum to the Office of Academic Affairs. 


The Admissions Selection Subcommittee makes the final decision regarding admission. The Progression Committee develops specific recommendations regarding placement or modification to the student’s curriculum or course requirements to accommodate individual needs. The Office of Admissions and the Office of Academic Affairs coordinate final placement arrangements. The Assistant Dean of Admissions and Recruitment notifies applicants regarding admissions decisions and, if indicated, placement decisions. Space must be available within the projected class in order for an offer of admission to be extended.