About Axium

Axium is the School of Dentistry’s comprehensive clinic management software. It was designed exclusively for use in dental schools and its functions include appointment scheduling, patient billing, instrument tracking, student grading, and treatment charting.

Your Axium User Level

Each Axium user is assigned to a particular “User Level” (or group), and given a unique login id and password. The “rights” or “permissions” granted to a User Level determine what functions and program areas the user has access to, and which ones are off-limits. In this way, each user is given access only to those functions necessary to perform their job or role within the school. For example, as members of the “DS Student” User Level, dental students are allowed to enter and edit patient treatment, but for security reasons are restricted from entering or editing anything related to treatment fees or patient billing.

Where to look for Online Help

AxiUm training is required prior to gaining access to the software. Training is available within our Blackboard Clinic Essentials Training Organization. Training documents, step-by-step instructions, forms, and several other clinic process-related documents can be accessed from within axiUm by clicking “Links” on the toolbar at the top of the axiUm screen.

Helpful Links