Educational Technology Center Services

Dr. PriceBlackboard

Blackboard is the campus course management system used to deliver courses, upload content, assess student, and interact with students electronically. Blackboard provides collaboration tools such as discussion board, text based chat, and virtual classroom. Mediasite, a lecture capture system; Questionmark, an assessment system; and LessonBuilder, an interactive content builder integrate with Blackboard. Learn more about Blackboard »


Mediasite provides for the capture of lectures or video presentations so the content is available to students 24 x 7 to assist them in reviewing a highly visual based curriculum. All the content is cataloged and password protected. Lectures may be searched by course identification, instructor, or other variables. User statistics may be generated upon request to determine how frequently lectures are being viewed by a class or particular student. Learn more about Mediasite »


Questionmark is the electronic system for the delivery of assessments (exams, quizzes, and surveys) to the dental and dental hygiene program. There are over twenty different question types available for use in the assessment of student performance including the provision for images and motion sequences. The assessments can be run in a secure mode, with a restricted timer, and anonymous surveys. Following assessments, faculty receive a full set of reports. Learn more about Questionmark »


Create interactive web pages for your courses on Blackboard. It's easy, quick, and your lessons will look professionally made. Engage your students with lessons that include pop-up text annotations, self-assessment quizzes, and interactive learning games. Package your lessons for delivery via Blackboard. LessonBuilder is simple, yet powerful, with features to create exciting, interactive, content for your course. Learn more about LessonBuilder »

Classroom Technology

Each lecture hall is equipped with touch screen technology to deliver lectures and seminars. The technology also incoporates cameras for surveillance during secure in-class assessments. The technology also includes a "telestrator" to enable notations to be made electronically on images being presented to emphasize particular points of importance. Control of lighting, media source, and audio is also available.

Other Technologies

Video technology is available for producing dental techniques, procedures, surgeries, and general public relations videos. Multiple camera presentations are also possible and a full suite of editing capabilities are available to provide professional quality productions. Other technologies such as flash based instructional and interactive content can be created for the courses to enhance the teaching and learning.