Mediasite is a lecture capture system that enables us to capture video and audio from the presenter along with whatever is processed through the computer, e.g. PowerPoint, Excel, MSWord and other applications. This enables the viewer to revisit this presentation 24/7 and by clicking on an individual slide, to advance the audio to that particular area of the presentation without having to "fast-forward". Click HERE for a site that provides over 8,000 examples of lectures captured from many different fields . These demonstrations have audio so please be sure your speakers are turned on and adjusted. If you have questions, please contact the Educational Technology Center for Services.

If you are planning to use lecture capture, please contact us using the reservation form below and submit it at least 3 days in advance. Many faculty forward their course schedule which includes the lecture dates, times, location, lecture title and presenter to schedule all of their lectures for an entire semester. The number of lecture capture systems is limited so requests will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.

NOTE: Lectures will be saved for 4 years for Dental and 2 for Dental Hygiene to provide students reference to course material captured during their years at the School of Dentistry. Click here to view the CATALOG‌ 

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