Division of Artificial Intelligence Research

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry is the world's first dental university and the Division of Artificial Intelligence Research is the first division of AI Research in a dental school. Additionally, our Division has one of the largest datasets of high-resolution whole slide histopathology images and CBCT radiology images nationally.

The mission of the Division of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research is to explore the incorporation of both Explainable and Interpretable AI Models in AI research. This involves unraveling the opaque black box of AI models and designing rationale-based decision making models to build trust for researchers and patients. Our core focus is ethical AI and striving to maintain the highest standards for the responsible use of AI.



News about artificial intelligence research.

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Research on deep learning image segmentation for oral and maxillofacial pathology and radiology and other AI topics.

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AI Research publications on the use of AI in dentistry, digital pathology AI, and other topics.

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Services offered by the Division of AI Research, including High-Resolution Whole Slide Scanning and AI Translational Research Consultations.

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Meet the Division of Artificial Research team.

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Contact the Division of Artificial Intelligence Research via email: ai@dental.umaryland.edu.