Office of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs

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Office of Academic Affairs
  • Certification and letter requests (academic verifications)
  • Forms/letters requiring and dean's signature
  • Jury Duty
Office of Student Affairs
  • Accessing UMB resources and services
  • ADEA PASS and postgraduate program recommendation letters
  • Excused absence requests


  Virtual Office Hours Schedule:

Every Monday 
Noon - 1 p.m.

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 All student activities, meetings, fundraising etc. must be held virtually until further notice.

Welcome, Students!

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) works with you throughout your years at the School of Dentistry (UMSOD). Staff members in the OSA are available to provide guidance and offer assistance by collaborating with services at the School, UMB campus, and community.

If you experience personal or professional-related concerns during your time at UMSOD, you may contact the OSA for assistance. The OSA provides one-on-one advising for concerns related to career, health, wellbeing, legal, employment, housing, or other personal problems. In general, staff in the OSA offer guidance and referrals to campus resources and offices to help you resolve concerns.

To help prepare you for work in the dental profession, the OSA encourages learning outside of the classroom. The OSA works with student leaders, faculty, and administrators at the School to promote student leadership, team work, effective communication, collaborative problem-solving, a culture that fosters cultural diversity and civility, inter-professionalism, accountability, and knowledge. 

OSA staff remain available to assist you.