Clerkship Information

clerkshipThe clerkship is an elective program that allows selected fourth-year students to pursue further studies in departmental activities specially designed to meet their needs and interests. Students devote a portion of their clinic time to this specialized program; the remaining clinic time is spent in the comprehensive treatment of patients in the regular program. Clerkships are available in both basic science and clinical disciplines. Students in clerkship programs are expected to complete all block assignments as well as all portions of the DDS program.




# of Students

General Requirements


Advanced Prosthodontics (Dr. Loana Tovar Suinaga)


Applicants should be in good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0, have a strong interest in prosthodontics, considering a pursuit in advanced training in prosthodontics. Students must have satisfactory progress in all clinical areas towards completion of graduation requirements. An “A” grade in preclinical and clinical prosthodontics courses are recommended but not required. Applicants required to send a CV and a letter of intent describing why you would like to participate in the clerkship.

The Advanced Prosthodontics Clerkship is a yearlong program.  It allows fourth-year students an opportunity to learn evidence-based dentistry and develop skills to treat patients with medium and advanced complexity needs.  The students will work through diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment execution using classic and contemporary prosthodontics techniques and cutting-edge technologies.  The goal is to equip students interested in prosthodontics with a firm foundation in three elements:  research, treatment planning and execution of treatment. 

CAD/CAM Dentistry

(Dr. Lisa D’Affronte and Dr. Sarah Rollor)


Student should exhibit a strong academic performance and good clinical standing. We are looking for highly motivated students who are passionate about learning CAD/CAM.  Students should have fixed cases identified in their patient population. We will assist you in identifying cases, but it is your responsibility to be proactive. 

During this clerkship, students will be introduced to a short history of CAD/CAM dentistry, review the benefits and disadvantages of the technology, and learn imaging skills and the design software.  Imaging skills and design capabilities will be taught on typodonts and then applied to actual patients in the clinic.  Various dental materials for CAD/CAM will be discussed, and a clinic will be held on custom ceramic staining and glazing.  More advanced CAD/CAM techniques, such as quadrant restoration, fixed partial dentures, smile design, and more will be practiced as the students advance through the year.

Diamond Scholars

(Dr. Qoot Alkhubaizi)


Student should have an interest in General Dentistry, be in good academic standing (GPA >3.0) and have satisfactory progress toward completion of DDS requirements. Factors influencing selection include, but not limited to: professionalism, clinic attendance, points and diversity of treatment experiences, progress toward D4 competencies and Clinical Progression Committee approval.

The Advanced General Dentistry (Diamond Scholars) clerkship is program designed for motivated senior dental students who wish to accelerate their didactic knowledge and clinical skills beyond what is expected of a fourth-year student. The candidate will spend their D-4 year participating in the didactic portion of the residency and provide comprehensive dental treatment to patients who belong to the Advanced Education in General Dentistry program. Candidates in good standing will receive a certificate of completion upon the conclusion of the D4 year. 

Domestic Violence Survivors

(Dr. Mona Gorman and Dr. Kwanrak Sanit)


Satisfactory progress toward completion of DDS graduation requirements; cumulative GPA of 3.0; strong community service background and an interest in providing care to vulnerable populations.

Among the many challenges faced by victims of domestic violence is finding quality dental care by compassionate, non-judgmental providers.  This clerkship offers an opportunity to provide comprehensive dental treatment to female victims of domestic violence referred to the dental school by the House of Ruth and Marian House.  Sixty-five to seventy-five percent of injuries resulting from abuse occur in the region of the head, neck and/or mouth, therefore, dental providers can play a critical role in the healthcare response to domestic violence.  DVS clerks will participate in biweekly Zoom meetings to discuss scientific articles on topics related to providing dental care to this vulnerable population. 


(Dr. Patricia Tordik)


Applicants should be in good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate an interest in endodontics.  Please send a current CV and letter of intent to the course director.  In your letter, please describe why you would like to participate in the clerkship.

The Endodontics Clerkship is a yearlong program.  It allows the student(s) an opportunity to learn and develop knowledge and skills regarding patient care in endodontics.  The goal would be to facilitate learning in the specialty of endodontics and to equip the student(s) with a firm foundation built upon the three elements of research, clinical and didactic course work.

Implant Prosthodontics

(Dr. Guadalupe Fay)



Demonstrated interest and ability in prosthodontics and implant dentistry; high interest and motivation in esthetic dentistry; recommendation from prosthodontics, operative dentistry, periodontics or oral surgery faculty.

Lectures, seminars, journal club, case presentations and clinic.  The student will be introduced to multiple fixed and removable implant prosthodontic procedures and techniques. Restoration of esthetically involved cases in the anterior zone and complex implant restorations will be treatment planned, surgery planned, and restorations completed.  Analysis of CBVT Scans and interactive Implant Planning Software. Hands-on SIM courses including all-on-4 and participation in implant study clubs and prosthodontics meetings.  CAD/CAM training, digital scanning and restorative design strategies including milling and 3D printing.

Oncology & Diagnostic Sciences; Program in Oral Medicine

(Dr. Dana Weikel)

Additional Faculty: 

Dr. Timothy Meiller

Dr. Ahmed Sultan

Christine Livesay (GCCC rm 7256)


Satisfactory progress in all areas toward completion of graduation requirements and interest in management of patients with oral diseases.  Sixty percent of requirements completed for selection.

Clinical and Laboratory: Evaluation and management of oral complications in patients receiving treatment for cancer such as multiple myeloma, leukemia or lymphoma (Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center GCCC); diagnosis and management of oral pathologies other than tooth or periodontal diseases in the Oral Medicine Clinic with biopsy experiences; opportunity to work with VA Fellows; optional laboratory experiences in research related to management of medically compromised patients are also available.

Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery

(Dr. Dwayne Everett and Dr. Quang Bui)



Satisfactory progress in all areas toward completion of graduation requirements; cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and minimum of B grades in all OMS courses.

Additional education and/or experience performing surgical extractions, tori removal, alveoloplasty, implants, treating patients with complicated medical histories, and treating head and neck cancer patients pre and post radiation. Participate in the dental oncology clinic, which treats oncology patients pre and post radiation. Participate in weekly seminars on a diverse array of topics associated with oral surgery. Participate in hands-on clinics for implant placement. Learn how to place an IV. Assist in teaching sophomore dental students in the Local Anesthetic and Nitrous Oxide block assignments. Three scheduled sessions per week are required in the school’s Oral Surgery Clinic and Dental Oncology Clinic.

Oral Radiology

(Dr. Azin Parsa and Dr. Jeffery Price)


Satisfactory progress toward completion of DDS degree requirements; minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 with a minimum of a B in all oral radiology courses.  The successful applicants shall also demonstrate a strong interest in the diagnostic sciences.

Students will be expected to build on their basic knowledge of intraoral radiography and panoramic radiology via clinical experiences in the Screening/Oral Radiology Clinic. In addition, the student will act as a teaching assistant during the Thursday morning D2 RADI 528 Radiographic Interpretation Laboratory exercises. The student will be expected to become proficient at Cone Beam CT image capture and to learn the basics of CBCT interpretation. In order to achieve these skills, students will be required to view lectures on CBCT technology and principles as well as reviewing journal articles and textbooks on CBCT.  Finally, the student will spend time developing CBCT interpretation skills during sessions with the course director. 


(Dr. Maria Doughan)



GPA ³ 3.2 and a sincere desire to know more about orthodontics and/or pursuing a career in clinical and/or academic orthodontics.

This program introduces basic concepts and principles of orthodontics and provides both didactic and clinical training for basic skills in orthodontics. Exposure to orthodontic case seminars and lectures from the post-doctoral program will allow the clerks to deepen their knowledge of orthodontics, including participation in interdisciplinary ortho/oral surgery and ortho/perio seminars.  The clerkship meetings are held once per month to discuss assigned readings, go over orthodontic cases and practice wire bending and cephalometric tracings.  

Pediatric Dentistry

(Dr. Kuei Ling Hsu and Dr. Martina Majstorovic)


Completion of junior requirements, above average clinical activity, and strong interest in pediatric dentistry.

The pediatric dental senior clerkship is tailored for the student applying for the pediatric dental specialty. It offers additional clinical experiences with children, post-graduate level didactic seminars, support for the PASS application process to residency program(s), case-based conferences hosted by pediatric dental residents, and opportunities to attend the Maryland Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (MDAPD) courses. Clerks participate in the administration and enrichment of the program.


(Dr. Hanae Saito)


GPA> 3.2 and a strong interest in clinical periodontics – considering a pursuit of advanced training in periodontics.  Student must have satisfactory progress in all clinical areas towards completion of graduation requirements.



The dental student will participate in management of periodontitis patients and surgical treatment. Treatment of moderate to advanced patients will occur in reserved clerkship clinical slots in the periodontics surgical suite.  Emphasis on experience of select traditional periodontal surgical procedures and site development for implantology will occur. The student may have an opportunity to participate in periodontal seminars focusing on all aspects of periodontal therapy, including implant dentistry and lab exercises. A digital portfolio project will be developed, in conjunction with student mentors, specific to the student’s desired clinical learning experience. Showcasing of clinical patient outcomes and curating relevant clinical research journal articles are examples of components of this portfolio and will be a means of evaluating the clerk’s efforts, accomplishments, progress and achievements of the program. The digital portfolio will function as a means of communication with their mentor and serve as a vehicle for self-assessment and external assessment.


(Dr. Deborah Rodriguez)


Applicant should demonstrate a strong interest in providing comprehensive oral health care to people living with HIV disease. Particular attention is given to students with at least 75% of their predoctoral clinical requirements completed or are in good standing to complete their predoctoral clinical requirements successfully by the end of Year IV.


The PLUS Program Clerkship will provide the predoctoral dental student with clinical experience in oral diagnosis, treatment plan development and delivery of oral health care to the patient living with HIV disease as well as provide insight into treatment management for patients presenting with multiple and/or various co-morbidities. Clerks are assigned either a new or a continued care patient and will work under direct supervision of PLUS Program faculty. Clerkship students will be expected to have a comprehensive understanding of assigned patients’ medical history (including blood laboratory values) and do a clinical presentation to the supervision faculty prior to starting treatment. In addition, PLUS clerks must attend bi-monthly (twice a month) seminars scheduled for Wednesdays from 4:30-5:45 p.m. and give a case presentation to the PLUS Program faculty and staff at the conclusion of the clerkship.

Special Care and Geriatrics

(Dr. Adila Baig)


Demonstrated interest in treating patients with special health care needs and medically complex older adults. Above average proficiency in clinical skills and academic performance; self-motivated and able to accept a challenge.


Provides senior dental students with a hands-on, clinical experience in the oral health management of the adult patients with special needs and frail elders; to include, but not limited to, those with limited physical, and/or cognitive abilities or compromised medical conditions that warrant dental care in a specialized setting.  Students are required to provide care to patients in three (3) clinic sessions each week.  The clinical program will include maximizing appropriate and rational oral health care to this population, with monthly lunch and learn seminars.  Students will have opportunities to work with multiple faculty members and dental assistants in the treatment of challenging and complex oral health cases.  Students will have the opportunity to work with a dental anesthesiologist to do conscious oral sedation on special needs patients.

Guidelines for Administration of the Clerkship Program 

I. Requirements for Selection

A. In order to qualify for consideration, a student must have passing grades in all courses.

B. Each clinical department or program has additional specific requirements (see clerkship offerings).

C. The specific departmental requirements for eligibility to participate in the clerkship program will be made known to the students at the end of Year II so that they may pace their work during the following year accordingly.

D. Although students are not expected to complete all clinical requirements by the end of the third year, they should have made sufficient progress to be able to successfully complete their regular clinical responsibilities in the allotted time.

II. Application and Selection Procedure

A. Applications for the Clerkship Program may be submitted online.

1. Clerkship applications must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs by late April.  See email from Academic Affairs for specific date.

2. By applying to any clerkship program, you agree to have your cumulative GPA and class rank shared with the clerkship director(s) so they have additional information on which to base their decisions.

3. Students may apply for a clerkship in more than one department, indicating an order of preference.

B. The Clinical Progression Committee will meet at the end of the third year to approve candidates for clerkships.

1. Departments will make their selections from the students who apply for their programs.

2. An attempt will be made to match students with the program of their choice.

C. Clerkships begin July 1 or at the discretion of the clerkship director.

III. Evaluation and Grading

A. The Clinical Progression Committee will review student performance in the clerkship programs.

1. Clerkship grade

a. Evaluation standards will be established by the departments offering the clerkship and will be made known to the student at the beginning of the course.

b. Clerkships are graded as Honors, Pass, or Fail. The clerkship grade is not calculated into the dental grade point average for ranking purposes.

c. Severe deficiencies in the clerkship course will result in reassignment of the student to the regular clinic program on a full-time basis.

2. Grades in other clinical departments

a. Students selected for the clerkship program will be expected to maintain the same or higher quality work during their regular clinical assignments as that which entitled them to enter the program.

b. Students incurring a deficiency in one or more areas of their regular clinical assignment may be reassigned to the regular clinic program on a full-time basis.

B. The Clerkship Program will be evaluated annually by both participating students and participating departments.

IV. Mobility

A. The Clinical Progression Committee may recommend student reassignment to the full clinic program, where appropriate.

B. Voluntary withdrawal from the clerkship, if appropriate, must occur during the first half of the semester.

C. Please note ALL clerkships require participation during both the fall and spring semesters in order to earn credit for the entire program.

Interested students may speak to clerkship directors during informal discussion groups that are scheduled during the month of April. See discussion session schedule below. Not all clerkship programs offer information sessions; therefore, you are encouraged to directly contact clerkship directors for those programs in which you have interest.


Students are eligible to participate in only one clerkship program.

Summary of Dates 

  • Application must be submitted by close of business on April 26, 2024 (FIRM DEADLINE)
  • Students will be notified of clerkship decisions no later than mid-June
  • Clerkships begin at the start of the fall semester, or at the discretion of the clerkship director
  • See course list for credits

Clerkship Directors 


If you are interested in the following clerkships, please contact the clerkship course director(s) listed below.

Advanced Prosthodontics - Dr. Loana Tovar Suinaga - 

CAD/CAM - Dr. Lisa D'Affronte and Dr. Sarah Rollor - and

Domestic Violence Survivors - Dr. Mona Gorman and Dr. Kwanrak Sanit - and 

Endodontics - Dr. Patricia Tordik -

Implant Prosthodontics - Dr. Guadalupe Garcia Fay -

Oncology & Diagnostic Sciences/Oral Medicine - Dr. Dana Weikel - - Additional Faculty - Dr. Timothy Meiller, Dr. Ahmed Sultan and Christine Livesay -; and 

Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery - Dr. Dwayne Everett and Dr. Quang H.D. Bui - 

Oral Radiology - Dr. Azin Parsa and Dr. Jeffery Price - and 

Orthodontics - Dr. Maria Doughan -

Pediatric Dentistry - Dr. Kuei Ling Hsu and Dr. Martina Majstorovic - 

Periodontics - Dr. Hanae Saito -

PLUS/HIV - Dr. Deborah Rodriguez - 

Special Care & Geriatrics - Dr. Adila Baig -