Welcome to the Department of Neural and Pain Sciences

The Department of Neural and Pain Sciences (NPS) is a Department of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry with research, teaching, and service responsibilities. Its research and educational domains are in the area of neuroscience, with a strong emphasis on the neurobiology of pain. NPS faculty members conduct multidisciplinary sensory-motor system research with a major focus on acute and chronic pain mechanisms. Leaders in this department use state-of-the-art methods including advanced molecular, neurophysiological, neuroanatomical, and neuroimaging techniques. As part of the school of dentistry, this department has a special interest in pain and dysfunction that manifests itself in the orofacial complex. However, we also recognize that study of somatic and visceral pain models throughout the body will provide scientific advances that can benefit our understanding of orofacial pain conditions.

A majority of the faculty conduct preclinical research. At the same time, the department also recognizes the need to transfer its groundbreaking basic science research into the clinical setting, in order to better manage clinical conditions, especially chronic pain, and improve quality of life. As such, collaborative research with clinicians in the school of dentistry, school of medicine, and elsewhere is an important part of our departmental mission. The science conducted by this department is integrated into the graduate and post-graduate programs of the school of dentistry and the Graduate Program in Life Sciences (GPILS) through faculty driven curricular innovations and dedicated teaching efforts.

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