USA Neuroscience Education Fund Raising Campaign

NBB 2018 Group Photo
Building Better Brains to Fight Brain Disorders

March 1, 2022 to March 1, 2023

Goal: $200,000

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Help inspire young men and women to learn about the human brain and motivate them to enter professions where they can treat and find cures for brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, Depression, Schizophrenia, Addiction, Stroke, Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Concussions, Brain Cancer and hundreds of others.

Naming Opportunities: 

National Competition: $200,000

National Trophy: $20,000

Local Competitions: $2000 each 

Prizes: varies from $500 to $3000

Providing Travel Fellowships to the Championship: $1000

You can help your local brain bee winner to travel to the National Championship to represent your community and your organization.

Donating Funds: Seven Levels

Creativity: $20,000 and above

Intelligence: $2,000 – 20,000

Emotions: $500 – 2,000

Communication: $200 – 500

Movement: $50 – 200

Sensation: $20 – 50

Awareness: $10 - 20

Other ways to help:

Show your support by linking from your website, donating items, or reporting about Brain Bee activities in your newspaper, radio or television program.

To donate by credit card: visit the USA Neuroscience Education Fundraising Campaign Donation page.

To donate by check: make donations payable to The UMB Foundation, Inc., Earmark: Brain Bee. Send your check to: Dr. Norbert Myslinski, University of Maryland, 8th Floor; 650 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

For more information contact:       

501(C)(3) Foundation: #31-1678679 

To learn more about the USA Brain Bee:

Download the Brain Bee Fact Sheet.