Thomas Oates faculty photo

Thomas W. Oates, DMD, PhD
ABP Diplomate

Department Chair
Office 4221
Telephone: 410-706-4747



Mary Beth Aichelmann-Reidy faculty photo

Mary Beth Aichelmann-Reidy, DDS
ABP Diplomate

Clinical Professor
Division Chief, Periodontics
Office 4209
Telephone: 410-706-3749


Harlan Shiau, DDS, DMed Sc
ABP Diplomate

Clinical Associate Professor

Director, Postgraduate Periodontics
Office 4213
Telephone: 410-706-3751


Hanae Saito faculty photo

Hanae Saito, DDS, MS, CRC
ABP Diplomate

Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Predoctoral Periodontics

Office 4201

Telephone: 410-706-3646



Christine Barnes, RDH
Clinical Instructor
Office 4203
Telephone: 410-706-7099


Deborah Jones faculty photo

Deborah S. Jones, DDS
ABP Diplomate

Clinical Instructor
Office 4218
Telephone: 410-706-0851


Oksana Mishler faculty photo

Oksana Mishler, RDH, MS, DHSc
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office 4203
Telephone: 410-706-7099



Se-Lim Oh faculty photo

Se-Lim Oh, DMD, MS
Clinical Associate Professor
Office 4211
Telephone: 410-706-3708


Gary Swiec, DDS, MS
ABP Diplomate
Clinical Associate Professor
Office 4214
Telephone: 410-706-3647


Vivek Thumbigere Math faculty photo

Vivek Thumbigere-Math, BDS, PhD
ABP Diplomate
Assistant Professor
Office 6265
Telephone: 410-706-5744


Dean's Faculty (*Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontics)

  • Bana Al-Haydar, DDS, MSc, MS - Clinical Instructor
  • Gonzalo Blasi-Beriain, DDS, MS - Instructor*
  • Charles Chen, DDS - Clinical Instructor
  • Antara Daru, BDS, MS - Clinical Instructor*
  • Sylvan Feldman, DDS - Clinical Associate Professor*
  • Chao Ji, BDS, MS - Clinical Instructor*
  • Daniel Karlin, DDS - Clinical Assistant Professor*
  • Wahn Khang, DMD - Clinical Assistant Professor*
  • Richard Kuntz, DDS - Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Niki Moutsopoulos, DDS, PhD - Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Kevin Murphy, DDS, MS - Clinical Associate Professor*
  • Sathiyanathan Nadarajah, DMD - Clinical Instructor
  • Lawrence Nurin, DDS - Clinical Associate Professor
  • Dong Park, DDS, MS, PhD - Clinical Assistant Professor*
  • Michael Rethman, DDS, MS - Clinical Associate Professor*
  • Paul Rosen, DMD, MS - Clinical Professor*
  • Terry Slevin, DDS, MS - Clinical Instructor*
  • Jon Suzuki, DDS, PhD, MBA - Clinical Professor*
  • Gary Swiec, DDS, MS - Clinical Associate Professor*
  • Keyla Torres, DMD - Clinical Assistant Professor*
  • Kim-Thi Van-Dinh, DDS, MS - Clinical Instructor*