Advanced Education in Endodontics

epod_programEndodontics is the dental specialty pertaining to the biology, pathology and regeneration of the human dental complex and periradicular tissues. Its study and practice encompass the biological and clinical sciences related to the normal and diseased dental pulp and associated periradicular tissues, as well as the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of pathoses and injuries of these tissues.

Endodontics emphasizes the preservation of the healthy natural dentition to promote the highest quality of life.

Decisions are based upon the application of scientific principles and current literature based on the highest level of evidence and clinical experience

The discipline of endodontics is taught to undergraduate students through all the four years. The mission here at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry is to educate students in the diagnosis, treatment, and/or management of the endodontic patient through critical thinking and a logical approach. The new graduate must be competent to treat and manage pulpal and periapical diseases in patients of all ages. The graduate from University of Maryland School of Dentistry would be expected to be proficient in the knowledge and technique of endodontics. Overall they should:

Apply: procedures designed to preserve the vitality of the dental pulp.

Perform: non-surgical root canal treatment on uncomplicated single and multi-rooted teeth.

Manage: traumatic injuries to the dentition, pulp, and supporting structures.

Recognize: the indications for surgical and complicated non-surgical root canal therapy and take appropriate action.

The students are exposed to the technique of endodontic treatment in the sophomore course. A state-of-the art program is put together and delivered to students incorporating an electronic delivery on flash video program. This makes the course readily available for review to the students. The students are also exposed to digital radiography. The School of Dentistry is one of the only dental schools in the U.S. that utilizes specially designed digital radiographic boxes that give students an early-on understanding of digital radiography, radiographic technique and interpretation. The students can review instant images taken from the convenience of their workstations.


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