The department of Advanced Oral Sciences and Therapeutics is committed to conducting cutting-edge research in a wide variety of areas, and applying evidence-based practices to patient care.

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  • Evidence-Based Practice
    Quickly find the best answer to your clinical question by using the CATs Oral Health Library. The library provides users with up-to-date evidence-based answers to more than 1000 focused clinical questions.
  • MPResD
    Maryland (M) Practice-based (P) Research (Res) in Dentistry (D) - MPResD connects practitioners with research opportunities addressing issues important to patient care. 

  • Publications
    Current and past AOST faculty publications can be found in this section.

  • Research Labs
    While each AOST division has its own unique research focus, they are all committed to educating dentists to practice evidence-based dentistry as it relates to their specialty.