Mission and Goals

ase_missionThe overriding mission of the postgraduate program is to train periodontists to the highest level of knowledge and clinical competency of the specialty. Emphasis is placed on the importance of achievements beyond the mandatory educational requirements of the specialty, including board certification by the American Board of Periodontology. Residents receive extensive clinical experience in periodontal regeneration, soft tissue (plastic) periodontal surgeries, sinus augmentation, alveolar ridge augmentation, dental implants. In addition, residents receive training in IV sedation and hospital-based care.

The goals and objectives of the program are summarized below:
  1. Graduate clinicians who demonstrate proficiency with the diagnosis, treatment planning, and comprehensive treatment of periodontal diseases and dental implants.
  1. Graduate clinicians who demonstrate proficiency with the management and the long-term supportive therapy of periodontal and implant patients.
  1. Provide graduates with a strong foundation in the scientific basis for specialty practice in periodontics, with particular emphasis on the critical use of current literature and knowledge.
  1. Prepare clinicians to become Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology.
  1. Provide graduates with a foundation in the basic sciences sufficient to understand current literature and evaluate future advances relevant to the clinical practice of periodontics.
  1. Prepare clinicians to work in cooperation with general practitioners and other health care specialists in the delivery of optimal comprehensive dental care.
  1. Graduate clinicians who discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge as well as contribute to the profession, education, and society.