Advanced Prosthodontics Program

A dentist consults with a patient‌The Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontics at University of Maryland School of Dentistry, the world's first dental school, is currently run by Dr. Radi Masri.

Located in a busy metropolitan area, the program provides the residents of Maryland and surrounding states with state of the art dental treatment that includes: dental implants, comprehensive rehabilitation, veneers, dentures and maxillofacial prosthodontics. In addition to serving the community, the program trains post graduate residents to become competent in all aspect of prosthodontics.

In the first year, the residents are introduced to all aspects of prosthodontics through courses that address: dental implants, tooth preparation, crown fabrication, casting, investing and porcelain application. In addition, the incoming residents take a complete denture course and a removable partial denture course. All these courses are given in seminar rooms or in a state of the art prosthodontic lab. In the clinic, the residents are provided with all the materials and equipment needed for patient treatment. They have access to pantographic tracing instruments, Cadiax, Procera all ceramic crowns scanner and T-scan for occlusal adjustment. They are required to purchase a digital camera to perform intraoral photography and are given an introductory course on dental photography. In all three years, the residents spend their time in the clinic providing complex dental treatment to patients. They also participate in literature review seminars, multidisciplinary seminars, treatment planning seminars and formal prosthodontic lectures.

The residents are also trained on research techniques and are required to conduct an original research the results of which are submitted for publication in peer reviewed journals. Residents place implants, as well as performing other minor surgical procedures. In addition, residents are required and paid to attend professional dental meetings. After spending three years in the residency program and finishing their requirements the residents are awarded a certificate in prosthodontics and are eligible to challenge the American Board of Prosthodontics.Residents can also obtain a Masters of Science degree while attending the program. For more information about the program please refer to the program guide link.


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