|  Baltimore Magazine
Check out the Division’s Baltimore Magazine piece on “The Future is AI”

Check out the Division’s CATALYST piece on a “Leaping into the Future: School of Dentistry Establishes Division of Artificial Intelligence Research.”

  |  ISO and ADA
The Division’s co-directors form an important part of the ISO technical committee and ADA working group committee for developing US and international dental standards on AI. The U.S. Sub-TAG 13 on Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry‘s purpose is to develop the U.S. position on international dental standards on artificial intelligence, ISO Technical Committee (TC) 106, Voting Members and Standards Committee on Dental Informatics (SCDI), Working Group 13.8 on Augmented & Artificial Intelligence,

Check out the Division’s MDENTAL piece on a “DEEP DIVE INTO AI.”

  |  Modern Pathology Journal
Check out our latest publication entitled: “Generative Adversarial Networks in Digital Histopathology: Current Applications, Limitations, Ethical Considerations, and Future Directions” which was published in the leading pathology journal, Modern Pathology. The article is co-authored by collaborators from UMSOM and prestigious institutions such as Max Planck Institute, Johns Hopkins, and the Cleveland Clinic.

  |  UMSOD State of the School Address
Preview a video introducing the Division’s research from the co-directors.

  |  UMSOD News
In an important move toward the future of dental education and health care, Dean Mark Reynolds, DDS, PhD, officially announced the launch of the School of Dentistry’s new Division of Artificial Intelligence Research.