Pain Group Meetings

‌‌‌‌Neuroscience/Pain Journal Club

The group meets every Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. at various locations in the School of Dentistry, 650 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore, MD 21201. For more information, contact Dr. Man-Kyo Chung

Andrew Furman (Seminowicz lab) is leading a discussion regarding the attached paper on Wed., Jan. 23. We will meet at 8:30am in room 6105 of the Dental School. PainJC_Schultz2019

CACPR Pain Interest Group

‌The CACPR Pain Interest Group meets biweekly on Thursday at noon. Meetings are held at the School of Nursing, Room 503, or at the School of Dentistry, Room 8105. For more information about these meetings, please contact one of the program directors: Dr. Sherrie Lessons ( or Dr. Feng Wei (

The PIG meeting scheduled from 12-1pm on Thursday, January 24, 2019 will be held in room 8105 in the Dental School. Dr. Radi Masri will present his lab work. The title is "Invivo calcium imaging of cortical neurons. Mechanisms of neuropathic pain".