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Besides teaching high school students about neuroscience, the International Brain Bee brings much needed publicity to neuroscience accomplishments and research. The Brain Bee is also a great outreach program for local universities, as it brings talented high school students to college campuses and gets them excited about their academic futures.

For a Local Chapter Brain Bee, contact the respective local Chapter Brain Bee Coordinator for information, web sites, schools, photos and interviews.

For a Regional Brain Bee Championship, contact the respective Regional Brain Bee Coordinator for information, web sites, schools, photos and interviews.

For the International World Brain Bee Championship, see other pages of this official IBB website, or contact the Chairman of the current organizing committee (for 2015 it is Dr. Linda Richards; for 2016 it is Dr. Julianne McCall), or the Founder (Dr. Norbert Myslinski) for information, web sites, schools, photos and interviews. Below is a current press release for the 2015 World Championship and some sample web sites and news items.

Download the IBB 2017 Press Release here.

Download the IBB 2017 Poster here

Here are some past Brain Bee press items

MIT News 

The DANA Foundation

Kids' Clubh

Here are media coverage of past regional competitions

Australia 2015

Winnipeg 2016

Montreal 2016

Grenada 2016

Here are some sample Brain Bee media links

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