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GPLS 710-Principles of Bacterial Pathogenesis- Course Co-Directors, Bob Ernst, PhD & Mark Shirtliff, PhD 

This course addresses important aspects of microbial pathogenesis and molecular genetics at an advanced level. The course is based exclusively on current primary research literature; no textbook is assigned for this course. The course is intended to extend students’ knowledge from previous courses and to prepare them for PhD level studies in these disciplines. Potential topics include pathogenic mechanisms in relevant organisms while covering both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and pathogenic fungi and parasites. Detailed elements of common pathogenic mechanisms including secretion systems, surface structures, toxin production and gene regulation will also be examined. The course attempts to integrate topics of immune modulation and evasion, and to provide a broad view of the host pathogen interaction, and to integrate the newer microbiota studies into the class. The course therefore covers a broad view of biological processes that are at the frontier of current knowledge in biology. The instructors are specialists in their fields and give lectures and assign papers related to the subject of the lecture discussed in class. Additionally, students are involved in lecture and paper presentations that encourage the interaction and direction of the material covered.

DBMS 618 Section 8 - Course Director, Arasu Chellaiah, PhD 

Section 8, Special topics in Biomedical Sciences: Immunology.