The Department of Biomaterials and Regenerative Dental Medicine conducts research on: (i) regenerative dental medicine via stem cells, scaffolds, nanotechnology and bioactive agents, and (ii) bioactive, therapeutic dental restorative and preventive materials for tooth restorationsOur efforts focus on the development of novel nanostructured bioactive tissue engineering scaffolds and the enhancement of bone and vascular regeneration using craniofacial and mandibular animal modelsOur multidisciplinary team uses state-of-the-art synthesis facilities and innovative engineering methods to investigate stem cells and cell-scaffold interactions, to quantify tissue regeneration in animal defects, and to develop new materials and methods to improve dental tissue regeneration efficacyIn addition, we focus on the development of new dental materials including nanocomposites, nanostructured adhesives, cements, sealants and coatings. They possess bioactive and therapeutic properties, with protein-repellent, acid-neutralizing, remineralizing and antibacterial capabilitiesWe investigate physical and biological properties, biomaterial-biofilm interactions, biofilm acid production, tooth lesion remineralization, and caries inhibitionOur research has produced over 400 peer-reviewed full-length articles in leading journals.