Student Fundraising Protocols

Student FundraisersAll student fundraisers must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs before fundraising can begin. Fundraisers using the University of Maryland School of Dentistry logo must also be approved beforehand by the Office of Institutional Advancement. Please contact Keith Groves, DMin, MPC, Executive Director Institutional Advancement at 410-706-2282.  

To mitigate risk associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, UMB strongly recommends that all students activities, meetings, and fundraising occur virtually. 

Fundraising for student organizations may occur virtually, and fundraisers that do not involve in-person interaction are strongly recommended. 

Process for UMSOD Student Clubs and Organizations  
UMSOD students organizations and clubs interested in participating in a community service activity or event, must complete the UMSOD Event Registration Form.  The Student Activities Form should be completed and uploaded into the request form. Please allow at least two weeks for your event to be reviewed and approved. 

The University of Maryland is regularly updating its Coronavirus information page with the latest information and recommendations to promote a safe and healthy environment for the university community. For additional information, please access that information page.