Fundraising Policy

Student organizations are permitted to sponsor fundraising activities to raise funds to attend conferences, host events, build facilities, and provide their services to their community. Fundraising activities foster team building and promotion of a student organization.

Fundraisers using the University of Maryland School of Dentistry logo are strictly prohibited. Only UMB has the authority to produce items, including to but not limited to attire, using, the official name and logo. However, student organizations are encouraged to create their own logos for fundraising items*. Logos must be approved beforehand by the Office of Communications and the approval must be uploaded to the UMSOD Event Registration Form. Please contact Thaisa Jones, UMSOD Director of Media Relations and Public Affairs for logo approvals. All Fundraising activities with use of a logo must be consistent with UMB policies and procedures.

Only recognized and registered student organizations may sponsor a fundraising activity. All student fundraisers must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs before fundraising can begin by submitting a request using the UMSOD Event Registration Form. The Student Activities Form should be completed and uploaded into the request form along with the design approval from Ms. Jones. Please allow at least two weeks for your event to be reviewed and approved.

*Sock fundraisers are prohibited. This fundraising activity is reserved for the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to support student scholarships.