Postgraduate Application Process

PASS and Non-PASS Programs

Institutional Evaluations (IEs) are processed by the Office of Student Affairs for current students and alumni under the direction of Dr. Karen Faraone, Associate Dean for Student Affairs. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the Office of Student Affairs by email,, or phone, 410-706-7462, after reviewing the information below.  The University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD) policy does not permit the release of IEs to student or alumni requestors.

PASS is a centralized application service of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) for individuals applying to advanced dental education programs.  Please follow the steps 1 - 4 below if you are applying to postgraduate programs who participate with PASS.  If you are applying to non-PASS postgraduate programs, please disregard step 1 and follow the instructions for steps 2 - 4.

1.  Applicants must complete the online PASS e-Form prior to requesting an IE. Please refer to the information made available to ADEA PASS Applicants.  

  • The University of Maryland School of Dentistry does not permit the release of IEs to student or alumi requestors so be sure to "waive" your right to the release of this information on your PASS application

2.  The Institutional Evaluation Request Form needs to be completed to request an IE from UMSOD.  To aid us in writing your IE, you will be asked to upload a recent curriculum vitae and personal statement.  In completing the Institutional Evaluation Request Form, please note the following:

  •      If you are applying to more than one program type, please choose "other" (in the "O" section) on our drop-down menu, a text box will open, and type in the program names to which you are applying.
  •      As a current student, if you are waiting for any final grades to be entered and processed, you may want to wait to make this request to ensure we are using the most accurate GPA data.
3.  Please allow for a processing time of four (4) weeks.  Requests for IEs are processed by program deadline date versus request date, for example, specialty programs have earlier deadlines than GPRs.
4.  When completing the Institutional Evaluation Request Form, please provide the exact program name and contact information (usps address, link, email, etc.) for any program (PASS or non-PASS) that for any reason requires a hard copy of the IE be sent to them.