Media Mentions

  |  ADA News
Second-year UMSOD students Dan Yang, LaShonda Shepherd, and Ben Horn go through the stress - and eventual exhilaration - of successfully completing their Endodontics exam.

  |  Dentistry Today
The American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) has named Radi Masri, DDS, MS, PhD, the winner of its 2018 Distinguished Service Award. The honor, which Masri will receive on November 2 at the ACP’s Annual Session in Baltimore, honors recipients who have shown outstanding service to the organization and the characteristics of a true humanitarian.

  |  EdTech
An article on the rise of streaming videos references a study conducted at UMSOD which found that 97 percent of students felt videos of lectures helped them learn, and 98 percent watched these videos online.

  |  Dentistry Today
The School of Dentistry and DrFirst announced Friday, March 16 a collaboration to implement innovative electronic prescribing and communication application programs that will provide UMSOD practitioners with fast access to patient medical histories as well as the capability to consult with peers with a few taps of their phones.

  |  The Baltimore Sun
Fifty-four teens from around the nation gathered at UMB last week to compete in the USA Brain Bee Championship. Founded by Norbert Myslinski, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Neural and Pain Sciences, the competition seeks to inspire young men and women to go into the neuroscience profession.

  |  Associated Press
The New York Times quoted Carl Driscoll, DMD, professor and program director of the Division of Prosthodontics, in an informative article on dental implants. Driscoll called implants "probably the greatest thing that's happened to dentistry since fluoride came to the water."

  |  Vice
A Vice Magazine report on the viability of natural or alternative tooth-cleaning products cited a 2017 study co-authored by John Brooks, DDS, clinical professor, Nasir Bashirelahi, PhD, professor, and Dean Mark Reynolds documenting an absence of high-quality evidence for charcoal or charcoal-based products.