Dental Hygiene BS Degree Completion Program Goal

2016 Dental Hygiene orientationThe overall goal of the baccalaureate degree completion program is to provide the opportunity for dental hygienists who hold an associate degree or certificate to develop the knowledge, skill, attitudes and values necessary for positions of responsibility in a variety of health care, educational, research and community settings.

The BS Degree Completion Program aims to:

  • Develop future leaders in the dental hygiene profession
  • Allow students to meet their professional and personal career goals
  • Immerse students in advanced educational and career opportunities
  • Engage the baccalaureate student in the use and application of advanced technology in clinical, administrative, educational, research, and community settings
  • Enable interdisciplinary collaboration with other health professional students, faculty and community leaders
  • Provide a foundation for pursuit and continuation of advanced dental hygiene education to the master’s level of study