Huakun (Hockin) Xu, PhD, MS

xu_huakunProfessor, Director of Division Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering

  • Course Director, Dental Biomaterials I (BMAT 518) for Year 1 dental students
  • Course Director, Dental Biomaterials II (BMAT 528) for Year 2 dental students
  • Course Director, Adv Dent Mater (Pros 598A) for dental residents
  • Course Director, DBMS 639 - Advanced Biomaterials l for PhD students
  • Course Director, DBMS 640 - Advanced Biomaterials ll for PhD students
  • Tissue engineering, bone regeneration, dental and craniofacial repair, bioactive and resorbable scaffolds, biomimetic and injectable carriers, stem cells, growth factor delivery
  • Dental materials, nanocomposites, tooth restorations, caries inhibition, fluoride-based materials, calcium phosphate biomaterials, smart biocomposites, controlled release.