Why A Baccalaureate Degree?

Bachelor of Science DegreeAdvancing technology, new systems of health care delivery, changing oral disease patterns, an aging population, interprofessional education, and a more informed health-conscious public have changed the nature of dental practice in recent years. For dental hygienists, the baccalaureate degree has become increasingly important for adapting successfully to these changes and for advancing professionally. Our innovative Dental Hygiene Degree Completion Program prepares graduates for positions of responsibility in dental hygiene. A variety of career opportunities exist for the baccalaureate educated dental hygienists in clinical practice, education, management/ administration, business/corporate, research and public health/community oral health care.


RDH's seeking positions of leadership and diversity and for whom obtaining higher education is a life-long goal.

Highly motivated, self-directed, creative and future-minded RDH's who want to expand their knowledge and skills to advance professionally.

RDH's valuing advanced degrees and diverse career opportunities.

RDH's who are interested in contributing to health and human services research and the biomedical science knowlege base

  • Leadership development
  • Immersion in advanced educational and career opportunities
  • Utilization of innovative educational technology
  • Collaboration with professional students, dental and health professional faculty, and leaders in health care delivery
  • One -on- one advising with program director
  • One Year or Two Year Track Curriculum
  • Completion of 30 program credits after transferring in 90 credits to earn BS degree
  • Coursework, practicum experiences and opportunities that provide foundation for pursuit and continuation of advanced dental hygiene education at the master's level
  • Emphasis on scholarly activities including research and enhanced professional writing and oral presentation experiences to prepare students for advanced educational and career goals