Huakun (Hockin) Xu, MS, PhD
Professor, Director of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Office: Room 6257
Telephone: 410-706-6887
Email: hxu@umaryland.edu

Michael D. Weir, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Lab Manager
Office: Room 6256
Telephone: 410-706-8209
Email: mweir@umaryland.edu


Mary Anne Melo, DDS, M.Sc, PhD
Associate Professor
Director of Operative Dentistry
Telephone: 410-706-8705
Email: mmelo@umaryland.edu


Lab Members

Yousif Al Dulaijan, BDS, MDS, FRCD(C)
PhD Student

Faisal al-Qarni, BDS, MS. FRCD(C)
PhD Student
Email: falqarni@umaryland.edu

Bashayer Baras, BDS
PhD Student, Dental Biomedical Sciences
Email: bbaras@umaryland.edu

Ghalia Bhadila, BDS, MS
PhD Student
Maria Ibrahim, BDS, CAGS (Pediatric Dentistry), MDS
PhD Student
Xiuzhi Fei, DDS, MS
Visiting Scientist

Xianling Gao, DDS
Visiting Scientist, PhD Student
Email: xgao@umaryland.edu

Yuncong Li, DDS, PhD
Visiting Scientist

HaoHao Wang, DDS, PhD
Visiting Scientist
Email: HWang1@umaryland.edu

Suping Wang, DDS, MS
Visiting Scientist