Robert E. Deery, DDS ’73 


Robert E. Deery, DDS ’73“If it wasn’t for the school of dentistry, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” reflects Robert E. Deery, DDS ’73 as he prepares for his upcoming 50th class reunion from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

He fondly remembers being in the first class to experience what was then considered a state-of-the-art cubicle. “I feel that the university was always on the cutting edge,” he says. Dr. Deery considers himself fortunate because he was able to complete post-graduate cases during his senior year. “I brought my mother in and did an eight unit bridge connecting a three unit bridge with a precision attachment,” he recalls. The personal interaction he had with his instructors made it possible.

Drs. Wilbur Ramsey and Russell Gigliotti were two instructors Dr. Deery held in high regard. “Ramsey and Gigliotti were good role models,” reflects Deery. Their guidance helped him see dentistry as a practice to allow for financial independence and philanthropy. Dr. Deery contributes annually to the Russell Gigliotti Memorial Student Loan Fund in honor of his late instructor.

Upon graduation, Dr. Deery went into the Air Force for a two-year commitment. He was stationed at Okinawa where there was a large dental clinic. There were 28 dentists in all specialty areas. “Since I was the senior general dentist in the clinic, I was fortunate to take over a board-certified prosthodontists position when he was transferred and was responsible for all crown and bridge work done on the Air Force Base,” tells Deery. “We even ventured into the local villages and provided dental care.” This whole idea of giving back would remain with Deery for years to come. Afterwards, Dr. Deery transferred to Rome, N.Y. for one year at Griffiss Air Force Base before he relocated to Florida.

When Dr. Deery went into private practice in the 1970s, he had the distinction of being the first dentist within the city limits of Port St. Lucie, Fla. He would remain there throughout his career until he retired in 1991. Although Dr. Deery no longer practices, he maintains his license and remains active on several fronts.

For many years, Dr. Deery was the dental director of Florida for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. In addition, he served as associate director for the Southern Union Conference. He describes himself as a “facilitator” to recruit dentists of the region. He feels strongly that dentistry allows for individuals in the field to give back locally as well as globally. Dr. Deery has gone on mission trips to Central America and lectured at Loma Linda University in California two to three times a year. He mainly addressed the topic of practice management to senior dental students.

“A person should not just focus on oneself, their finances and life because giving back allows another aspect of fulfillment in life,” reflects Deery. With that said, Deery feels that hard work will allow for one to get more value out of life and work. “The future and technology of dentistry has changed so drastically that it has increased such a focus in the field.”

Dr. Deery is “all impressed” with the direction of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Deery notes, “I feel that giving back to the school or community is just a way of giving back a gift that was given to me.”

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