Linda DeVore Dental Hygiene Alumni Award

Jane Casper, RDH '99, MS

Jane Casper, RDH '99, 2018 Linda DeVore Dental Hygiene Award Winner
This award is named for Linda DeVore, RDH, MA and recognizes a dental hygiene alumnus of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry who represents the integrity, intellectual curiosity, community-mindedness, and leadership epitomized by Ms. DeVore. Now in its sixth year, the award honors Ms. Jane Casper, RDH ’99, for her exceptional achievements and leadership within the dental hygiene profession and beyond.

Casper received a certificate in Dental Hygiene from Howard University, a bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, and a master’s in Applied Sociology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Casper is passionately engaged in public health issues and increasing access to oral health care. As co-chair of the Maryland Dental Action Committee, a diverse group dental and medical professionals as well as child advocates and insurers, Jane helped to craft many changes in Maryland’s oral health care system that followed the unexpected death of a 12 year old boy who died when an untreated dental infection spread to his brain. Jane advocated and helped to secure funding for the expansion of oral safety net clinics, fought for and helped to achieve increased Medicaid reimbursement rates throughout the state and was instrumental in the passage of Maryland’s Public Health Dental Hygiene Act.

Jane works as a clinical dental public health specialist for the Maryland Office of Oral Health, where she provides clinical advice on dental issues to colleagues at the Maryland department of health and other stakeholders throughout the state. In addition, she serves as the Maryland Dental Hygienist Liaison for Head Start. She is past president of the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners where she currently serves on the board. Jane, is also a board member of the Maryland Dental Action Coalition and has received the Presidential Citation from the Maryland State Dental Association. Jane also volunteered as a member of the Dean’s Faculty at UMSOD.