Patents 2007-2008

  • Three-dimensional periodontal diagnosis software.

  • Dr Bart Vandenberghe, UMB, Dr Debora Armellini, Dr Raj Shekhar, UMB, medical school, Diagnostic Radiology UMB Docket N DA-2008-042

  • Domestic Patent Awarded - US Patent Number 0264291- Compositions and Methods for Preventing or Reducing Plaque and/or Gingivitis Using a Bioactive Glass Containing Dentifrice. Litkowski, LJ, Hack, GD.

  • Foreign Patent Awarded – Canadian Letters Patent Number 2,244,722. Bioactive Glass Compositions and Methods of Treatment Using Bioactive Glass. Litkowski, LJ, Hack GD.

  • Foreign Patent Awarded – Hong Kong Certificate of Grant of patent Number HK1028959. Methods and Compositions for Whitening Teeth. Litkowski LJ, Hack GD.