Research Funding Information

Nationwide organizations, like the National Institutes of Health and the American Association of Dental Student Research, award funding for a variety of research projects. Funding opportunities from foundations and bio-tech companies are available projectively and periodically. Travel awards, fellowships and research grants are awarded to graduate students and post-graduate residents from a number of other sources. In addition, the Office of Institutional Advancement at the school of dentistry provides information about scholarships and awards for student researchers. Aside from the opportunities listed here, national meetings often offer travel awards to students wishing to present research. Funding opportunities are periodically updated as new information becomes available.

National Institutes of Health Funding

National Institute of Dental Research & Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)  

Other Funding Sources

Short-term training for DDS or DDS/PhD students

University of Maryland School of Dentistry graduate awards

Summer research training programs

Travel Awards

  • The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology gives several travel awards.
  • Students in the Summer Research Training Program are awarded travel grants to the American Dental Association Annual Session and the Hinman Student Research Symposium.

Office of Institutional Advancement

  • The Office of Institutional Advancement can provide information on a number of different scholarships and awards. Learn more.

Other UMB Research Resources & Services