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Sponsoring any program for high school students is a rewarding experience - this age group is well-known for the excitement and passion that they bring to extra-curricular activities. Sponsoring the USA Brain Bee has an added bonus, however, since the teens participating in this program today may be the leaders in medicine and medical research in the future. Our Brain Bee champions work with top researchers worldwide, many of whom are actively seeking cures for diseases like Alzheimer's, Huntington's and all types of addiction.

There are several ways to support the USA Brain Bee competition. Many groups and individuals choose to support the Bee financially, offering funds that off-set the cost of travel & lodging for the competitors and the cost of the Bees themselves. Others choose to offer resources to individual Brain Bees - food & drink donations to any Bee are greatly appreciated, as are donations of items to be used as prizes. For specific ideas on how to support the Brain Bee program, please see our partnership opportunities list below!

International Brain Bee Partnership Opportunities

Partners will be acknowledged on Web Sites, Programs, Posters and Social Sites.

Volunteering: To create a local Brain Bee in your community or to volunteer to help contact your USA National Coordinator, Dr. Norbert Myslinski at nmyslinski@umaryland.edu 

  1. Naming Opportunities:
      USA Competition    $250,000
      USA Perpetual Trophy    $50,000

  2. Providing Travel Fellowships to the IBB Championship $10,000
      You can help your USA National Brain Bee winner and chaperone travel to the World Brain Bee Championship to represent your country.

  3. Providing USA National Fellowships to Brain Bee Chapters that are in need  $2,000
      You can specify which local chapter Brain Bee you would like to support.

  4. Provide a scholarship to a needy brain disordered patient $500

  5. Awarding Prize Money for first, second and third place in the USA National Championship: 1,500, $1,000, $500

    Each USA National Championship competitor will also be an advocate for a patient of their choice with a brain disorder. If the competitor wins, the patient receives a $500 scholarship.

  6. Donating Funds
        Creativity Level $20,000 and above                Movement Level $50 – $200
        Intelligence Level $2,000 – $20,000                Sensation Level $20 – $50
        Emotions Level $500 – $2,000                        Awareness Level $10 - $20
        Communications Level $200 – $500
  7. Purchasing Questions
    Purchasing one or more questions in your neuroscience area of interest to be used in the USA National Championship: One Question: $300
  8. Donating Items:Any items suitable as prizes will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Linking fromyour Web Site: A link from your web site to ours would help both.

  10. Reporting about Brain Beeactivities in your Newspaper, Radio or Television Program

Donations payable to The UMB Foundation, Inc., Earmark: Brain Bee.

We are a 501(C)(3) Foundation: #31-1678679.

To Make a Donation by Check

Send check to:

Dr. Norbert Myslinski
Associate Professor,
University of Maryland, 8th Floor
650 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Work: 410-418-8982

To Make a Donation by Credit Card

 To donate by credit card, visit the USA Neuroscience Education Fundraising Campaign Donation page.