USA Rules of Engagement

  • No recording (audio, video, or written) of the competition questions or answers is allowed at any level of competition (Chapter, Regional or World).
  • The competitor has competed in only one Chapter Competition in the 12 months prior to the USA Championship.
  • A competitor is allowed to compete in the USA Regional Brain Bee Competition only once in a lifetime.
  • A competitor is allowed to compete in the Brain Bee World Competition only once in a lifetime.
  • The competitor is of the age range 13 to 19 years of age at the time of the USA Regional Championship. The Brain Bee is for teenagers only.
  • If the USA Champion turns 20 before the World Championship, he/she will not be eligible to represent the USA Region in the World Competition. In that case, the second-place finisher will be substituted.
  • The competitor is the authorized Brain Bee Competition Representative of their respective Brain Bee Chapter.
  • The competitor must sign the liability and media authorization forms on the first day of the USA Brain Bee Competition.
  • The competitor must be accompanied by an adult chaperone.
  • The competitor must not have knowledge of the confidential questions and answers before the competition.
  • The competitor’s answers are those of the competitor only, with no outside help.
  • The decisions of the judges are final.
  • The USA Regional Brain Bee Traveling Trophy must be returned to the USA Regional Brain Bee Coordinator by the time of the 2019 Championship.

* Note: This list is not intended to imply that these are the entire list of rules and regulations.


USA Prizes

First place


$1000 reimbursement of travel to world competition

$500 donation in their name to a Brain Disorder Charity

IBB Championship Trophy (held for 1 year)

Summer Research Internship coordinated by SfN

Second Place


Third Place


Ten Top Competitors

Engraved Trophy

All Competitors

Medal, Participation Bag, and Certificate of Participation