Community Service

Student community service protocol for participating in community service events:

  1. A faculty member with a current Maryland State Dental License must accompany any community service event which includes patient evaluation, screening, prevention or treatment. It is not necessary to have a faculty member with you if you are limited to patient instruction or education only.
  2. The Student Activities Information and Guidelines Formmust be completed and sent to Ms. Elyse Markwitz ( two to three weeks before the outreach clinical event so that it may be reviewed and approved by Dr. Louis G. DePaola. This is necessary for the event to be covered by our liability policy.
  3. The Dental Screening Consent Form – each participant (patient) must complete and sign.
  4. The Template Sign-In Sheet and Consent ‌is necessary for each participant (patient) to sign in. (You will need to change the date on the form.)