Community Service

During the course of their education at UMSOD, our students on average donate more than 7500 hours of community service. Many UMSOD student clubs and organizations are engaged in service initiatives with community partners throughout Maryland. 

To mitigate risk associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, UMB strongly recommends that all students activities, meetings, and fundraising occur virtually.  

Students are not prohibited from volunteering in-person; however, volunteer projects that do not involve in-person interaction are strongly recommended. 
There are many opportunities to volunteer virtually, such as organizing drives to collect items for community partners and agencies. 

Process for Non-Educational or Non-Clinical Community Service Projects

UMSOD student clubs and organizations interested in organizing a community service project, that does not have an educational or clinical component, must complete the UMSOD Virtual Community Service and Volunteering Application on UMBconnect. After completing the form, the Office of Student Affairs will contact the organizer(s) regarding next steps for their service projects.

After the event, please send proof of completion to both Student Affairs AND the SGA Community Service Chair so that service hours can be documented towards the Dean’s Award for Community Service.

Process for UMSOD Students to View Total Service Hours

Students may contact either their respective class community service chairs and/or any student organization’s community service chair to view their current amount of community service hours, which will be counted toward the Dean’s Award for Community Service.

If your community service project is educational or clinical in nature, please refer to the UMSOD Student Community Service Protocol.