2015 UMB/CMMS Current EM Techniques Workshop

Current EM Techniques workshop



The aim of the Current EM Techniques Workshop is to introduce new electron microscopy techniques and instrumentations via live demonstration and open discussion.

Theme:  ImmunoEM

Date: May 28 -29, 2015

Location: University of Maryland, Baltimore, Health Science Facility II Auditorium and Electron Microscopy Core Imaging Facility (EMCIF)

Format: Scientific presentations, live demonstrations, personal sample tryout, tips and tricks discussion forum led by technical experts. 

Social with Local Microscopy Society: Chesapeake Microscopy and Microanalysis Society (CMMS) dinner meeting on May 28, 2015, 5:30 to 8:30 PM; Gladhill Boardroom, UMB HS/SL 5th floor.

2015 workshop Info 

Attenddee Instruction

2015 Presentation files


Keynote speaker: Dr. Kent McDonald, UC Berkeley, "Mythbuster: The Electron Microscopy Episode"

Application talk1: Dr. Kirk Czymmek, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC.  "Workflows for Fluorescent Affinity Probes with Correlative Array Tomography"

Application talk2: Dr. Peter Van de Plas, Aurion. "Immunogold/Silver staining: post and pre-embedding applications"

Application talk3: Dr. Rick Powell, Nanoprobes. "Nanogold, Other EM  labels, and Alternatives to  antibody labeling"

Instrument Demonstration:

  • Station 1: High pressure freezer, EMPACT 2/Automated Freeze substitution system
  • Station 2: Cryo-ultramicrotome
  • Station 3: CryoTEM and Grid plunger
  • Station 4: CryoSEM and Cryotransfer holder
  • Station 5: CorrSight CLEM Solution  presentation
  • Station 6: Quick freeze substitution system


Station 1:Drs. Levi Felts & Mark Kukucka, Leica Microsystems
Station 2:Ms. Carol Cooke, Johns Hopkins University; Ms Johanna Sotiris, UMB
Station 3:Dr. Ulrich BaxaNIH/NCI; Siddarth Raman, UMB & Daniel Phillips UMB 
Station 4: Mr. Rod Heu, Colgate-Palmolive Technology Center; John Strong, UMB
Station 5: Dr. Gregor Heiss & Tim Maitland, FEI. Co
Station 6: Dr. Kent McDonald, UC Berkeley; Shilinag (Stevens) Zhang, NIH/NIDA

Tips and Tricks Discussion Forums:

9:00 - 9:15 Ru-ching Hsia Tokuyasu immunogold labeling using monoclonal antibodies 
9:15 - 9:30 Shiliang (Stevens) Zhang Pre-embedding immunolabeling of rodent brain 
9:30 - 9:45 Ron Petralia Pre-embedding  immunoperoxidase vs. gold techniques 
9:45 -10:00 Rick Powell Gold and silver enhancement and troubleshoot
10:00 -10:30  Coffee/Tea break  
10:30 -10:45 Ron Petralia Post-embedding immunogold labeling using freeze substitution of fixed tissue
10:45 -11:00 Kunio Nagashima In situ post-embedding IEM for correlated microscopy
11:00 -11:15 Peter Van de Plas Immunogold silver staining: troubleshooting 
11:15- 12:00  Rick Powell Nanogold, Other EM Labels, and Alternatives to Antibody Labeling 


Dr. Peter Van de Plas, Aurion
Mr. Kunio Nagashima, Leidos EM Lab
Dr. Ru-ching Hsia, EMCIF, University of Maryland, Baltimore
Dr. Ronald Petralia, Advanced Imaging Core, NIH/NIDCD
Dr. Rick Powell, Nanoprobes
Dr. Shiliang (Steven) Zhang, Electron Microscopy Core, NIH/NIDA

CMMS Spring dinner speaker:

Dr. Kent McDonald, UC Berkeley, " A History of cryomethods in Biological Electron Microscopy"
Dr. John Cumings, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland College Park, " "In Situ Electron Microscopy of Battery Nanomaterials"

CMMS Spring Dinner Agenda and Information

Registration Fee: 

$275 Full workshop including CMMS dinner meeting

$250 Workshop only

$30 CMMS dinner only ($35,  pay at the door)

Registration  Closed

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Travel: Workshop participants are strongly encouraged to use various modes of public transportation to reach UMB. If you wish to drive to the workshop, Penn Street Garage or Pratt Street Garage are the closest parking garages. Parking vouchers will be available to registered workshop participants on the day of the workshop.  Please take a ticket when you drive into the garage and pay with the voucher when you exit

Lodging: if you need assistance for hotel reservations, please email: UMBCurrentEMWorkshop@umaryland.edu 

Sponsors: Angstrom, Aurion, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, Chesapeake Microscopy and Microanalysis Society (CMMS), EMS-Diatome, FEI.Co, Jeol, Leica Microsystems, Nanoprobes, Ted Pella, Inc., Tescan USA Inc., Tousimis.