Hanan Aljohani, DDS

DBMS PhD Program, Track Bone Biology

Mentor: Meenakshi A. Chellaiah, PhD

Hanan Aljohani, DDS graduated in 2011 from King Saud University. Before joining the PhD program in 2014, she worked at King Saud University-Dental College as part of the oral biology faculty. Her PhD research focuses on dental stem cells and their ability to differentiate into bone forming cells to enhance bone formation in defect areas caused by oral diseases.

Bashayer H. Baras, BDS

DBMS PhD Program, Track: Dental Materials 

Mentor: Haukun Xu, PhD 

Bashayer H. Baras BDS, graduated in 2015 from King Saud University, School of Dentistry.  She works as a faculty member in the department of Restorative Dental Sciences at King Saud University, School of Dentistry. She joined the PhD program in the spring of 2016. Her  PhD research focuses on developing novel endodontic materials with potent antibacterial and remineralization capabilities.