Laser in Periodontal Pocket Treatment

Date: Saturday, September 28, 2024
Time: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location: University of Maryland School of Dentistry - Live Webinar via Zoom
Tuition: Dental Professionals: $49.00

1 CDE credit hour - lecture

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry designated this activity for 1 Continuing Dental Education hour.

Target Audience:  All dental professionals
Presented by: Kinga Grzech-Leśniak, DMD, MSc, PhD
Conflict of Interest: Nothing to disclose.


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Speaker Biography

Kinga Grzech-Lesniak, DMD, PhD, advanced specialist in periodontology and oral pathology, President of the Polish Society of Laser Dentistry, country representative for Poland at the WFLD, Assistant Professor at the Wroclaw Medical University, Department of Oral Surgery. Practitioner since 2000, she established a specialist clinic in 2007, which has become one of the leading periodontal treatment centers in Poland. Lecturer with 19 years of experience as an educator, school counselor, assistant professor, and tutor.

Versed in classroom management, behavior strategies, and individualized instruction. Focusing on the individual needs of each student. Since 2005 she has conducted workshops for dental hygienists and medical doctors based on her proprietary program on the cooperation between hygienists and dentists during periodontal treatment. In 2016 she designed and taught a compulsory course for 5th year medical students “Laser Therapy in Dentistry” at Wroclaw Medical University (first such course in Poland). In 2017 she initiated “Laser Study Clubs”, a cycle of open meetings in several cities in Poland, where practitioners can exchange good practices and experiences in using laser (first such initiative within WFLD).

She is a founding member of the Polish Society of Ergonomics in Dentistry (PTES) and President of the Polish Society of Laser Dentistry (PTSL), a member of the Polish Society of Implantology (PSI), Polish Society of Periodontology and European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) and country representative for Poland at the World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD).

Course Description

Despite the controversy the use of the laser could maximize successful non-surgical treatment. The gold standard in periodontal pocket treatment is a proper eradication of pathological bacterial strains inside infected pockets through the means of mechanical debridement. However, root architecture and its particular anatomic variations make establishing effective debridement protocol difficult in non-surgical periodontal therapy using traditional tools, such as curettes or ultrasonic scalers. Laser therapy as a quest for alternative treatment has a growing recognition for its antibacterial qualities, safeness, and broad spectrum of use. Lasers have been used in non-surgical periodontal treatment as alternatives or adjunct methods to mechanical scaling and root planing (SRP). Erbium family laser is used for decontamination and debridement of periodontal pockets and root surfaces in nonsurgical treatment as it displays strong bactericidal and detoxification effect. Due to antibacterial properties, the neodymium and diode laser may eliminate antibiotics from our treatment protocol. Using evidence-based laser guidelines would enable dentists to provide more efficient non-surgical periodontal care. The lecture will provide based of the state-of-the-art practical procedure periodontal pocket treatment, which are predictable and driven by choosing proper chromophore for each laser.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Know the rules for predictable effect by properly selecting laser for given indications
  • Understand what factors may influence the choice of the laser type
  • Understand the procedure and indications when using lasers for the treatment of periodontitis

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