UMSOD Alums Featured in Bethesda Beat

January 16, 2018    |  

Several UMSOD alums will featured in Bethesda Beat

The website for Bethesda Magazine recently published several short profiles of Bethesda dentists, many of whom are UMSOD alums. Congratulations to the following alums who were featured:

Derek Blank, DDS ’10

Jason A. Cohen, DDS ’02

Sangita Doshi, DDS ’00

Hilari M. Dunn, DDS ’98

Shalija D. Ensor, DDS ’88

Adam Eskow, DDS ’10

Roy Eskow, DDS ’74

Deborah Klotz, DDS ’03

Peter Kwon, DDS ’02

Brad Levine, DDS ’83

Lauren Lewis, DDS ’07

Khatereh Nematollahi, DDS ’96

Jay Samuels, DDS ’98

Amir Abbas Sarkarzadeh, DDS ’96

Robert Schlossberg, DDS ’02

Michelle L. Snyder, DDS ’07

Mark Taff, DDS ’73


Read more about the wide variety of excellent work our Bethesda alums are doing by clicking on the following link:

Bethesda Beat