3D Tongue Surface Movies

Ultrasound Reconstructions
 3D_it_ran ‌"ran"‌ 3D_it_rang "rang" 

Tongue surface motion for “it ran a lot” and “it rang a lot,” reconstructed from five coronal and one sagittal slice (tongue tip on right).

MRI Reconstructions
 mri_reconstruction_1 "Ka"  mri_reconstruction_2 "Ku"

Reconstructed surface motion for “ka” and “ku” made from 3 sagittal MRI slices 1 cm apart (tongue tip on left).

sha_front_image sha_back_image‌  sha_top_image
Three-dimensional tongue motion for “sha” shown from three directions (front, back, and top). Surfaces were reconstructed from sagittal, coronal and transverse image planes.