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Modelling the tongue

Tongue Segmentation


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Glossectomy Study

Ultra high-frequency sound waves are used to create movies of planar tongue motion. The 2D planar motion can be reconstructed into 3D surface motion.Click to download a Guide to Analyzing Tongue Motion from Ultrasound Images.Our applications of this technology include:
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Head and Transducer Support (HATS) System


Mid-sagittal Ultrasound image of the tongue(Image of 'I')

results_image1  Edge detection of tongue contours using EdgeTrak  3d visualization image

3D Reconstruction of the tongue surface from ultrasound.(Image of 'l')


Ultrasound image of the vocal folds while breathing

mid-right ‌

Visualizes and compares multiple contours using SURFACES.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Vocal tract images are made in multiple planes during sustained speech sounds. Tagged Cine-MRI (tMRI) allows tracking of tissue points in oral structures.
 mri-r Subject saying /r/  VJPia_mid_nt_miscr

Subject saying /i/

MRI movies

Tagged Cine-MRI (tMRI) -Planar

Tagged Cine-MRI (tMRI) -MICSR

Electropalatography (EPG)

Acrylic palates, custom made to fit each subject's palate, record tongue-palate contact in real time.
 epg_data_365 Electropalatography image
EPG pictures and movies