Research Instrumentation

Ultrasound Ultra high frequency sound waves are used to create image sequences of  tongue motion in real-time.  These 2D sequences can be reconstructed into 3D tongue surfaces.
Cine-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Cine-MRI) Vocal tract image sequences are recorded at up to 25 Hz, by summing individual time phases of multiple repetition sequence during short speech utterances.
High Resolution MRI (hMRI) Static images define muscles and depict crisp edges within the vocal tract.
Tagged Cine-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (tMRI) Tags are applied to tissue, and image sequences are recorded as the tissue and tags deform. tMRI allows tracking of tissue points in oral structures, and calcualtion of deformation parameters.
Diffusion Tensor MRI  (DTI) Tissue orientation is quantified by imaging the orientation-dependent diffusion processes that are associated with fibers.
Acoustical Analysis The speech wave is recorded simultaneously with the physiological measures and analysed using spectral and waveform analysis packages.